Jersey, Satin or African Print Headwraps - Which Headwrap is best for me?

Towards the end of last year we introduced some Jersey Headwraps to our collection and they have been a huge hit! Our Headwraps come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and fabrics. We get a number of customers asking which wraps are best suited for certain styles so here's our guide to all things Headwraps!

Jersey, Satin or African Print - What's the difference?

First things first - fabric! The main difference between our Headwraps is the fabric.

Jersey is typically a plain-knit a plain-knit, machine-made fabric it is characteristically soft and stretchy. It can come in a variety of different fabrics but our favourite is 100% viscose.

African prints on the other hand are more often than not made up of 100% waxed cotton. The process of dying the fabric involves a wax resist dye technique used to separate colours and make amazing print designs. Due to the nature of wax printing each print is unique and intricate. This technique does change the properties of the cotton by adding structure due to the wax that penetrates the fibres.

Satin is a man made fabric that has a glossy, slippery texture. It is well known for being the most protective of fabrics for natural hair especially.

What are the pros and cons of each fabric type?


  • Viscose fabric is stretchy and easily malleable

  • Jersey Headwraps tend to be one colour and easier to style

  • Great for keeping warm in winter

  • Fabric is breathable

  • Easy to wrap they can be tucked and secured easily

  • Easy to care for - machine washable


  • They don't hold shape well and need to be wrapped around hair or other objects to create certain looks

  • The fabric is thin so imprints of the hair underneath can be seen

  • Hair products and oils can stain


  • African print Headwraps come in bright colours and designs

  • Great for keeping warm in winter and cool in summer

  • Fabric is breathable

  • Easy to wrap they can be tucked and secured easily

  • Hold great shape


  • Cotton fabric does not stretch at all

  • Cotton can be damaging to natural hair - Satin cap underneath is recommended

  • It can be hard to style bold prints


  • Beautiful prints and designs

  • Fabric is breathable with a soft, flowy texture.

  • Satin is great for protecting natural hair as it doesn't absorb the oils and dry out the hair


  • Satin fabric does not stretch at all

  • Satin is difficult to wrap due to it's slippery nature and cannot hold shapes.

What about sizing? Which is right for me?

Our Jersey Headwraps come in one size (180 x 90 cm) and are great for full coverage headwrap styles.

Our African print Headwraps and Satin Headwraps come in two sizes: Full Headwrap (21x60") or Mini Wrap (11x42"). To achieve a full coverage look we recommend the full headwrap, with more fabric to play with you have the versatility to be more creative with your styling. Mini Wraps are like headbands and are also great for kids. If you are looking to gently accessorise an up-do or frame your curls with a pop of colour, Mini Wraps are a perfect choice.

Which Headwrap would you recommend?

Honestly I have at least one of each Headwrap in my collection. They each serve a distinct purpose so my advice would be to choose your Headwrap based on your goals, style and preference.

My African print Headwraps are my favourite - I love prints! I like to use these wraps to brighten up my dull outfits. They are so easy to wrap and hold great shape so I don't need to think too hard about styling. They are my go-to wraps and my collection is ever growing.

My Jersey Headwraps are a second favourite and have been a hit with my mum recently. They are great for beginners and also if you are not crazy about making a bold statement or prefer the understated look these are for you. There are a number of colours to choose from which means you can create a great collection. I will also add, they are amazing on wash days to hide those fluffy braids or act as a towel and absorb any excess moisture.

Lastly my Satin Headwrap collection, although the smallest is in someways the mightiest. I mainly use these wraps as a protective cover to stop my Cotton wraps from absorbing too much moisture or creating too much friction. They are the most luxurious of the three so I also bring these out on special occasions for black tie events.

To all the Headwrap novices, the intrigued customers and even the experts who love to learn I hope this guide has been helpful. Navigating the Headwrap scene can be pretty difficult but with the right knowledge and information you can make the best decision for you. Which Headwrap is your fave? Let us know in the comments below.

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