The New Way To Shop Asikara

In the last decade online shopping has become the in thing, there's no need to leave your house to get a good bargain, everything you'll ever want or need is right at your fingertips. When I was reflecting on my brand, how it's changed and evolved from where it began to where it is now, I realised that Asikara has so much more to offer and decided that this year I am going to release the Asikara potential.

What's that you ask? Well all the online brands I know have specific styles of clothing, in specific colours or prints, that only come in specific sizes and well if you don't like one of those aspects there's nothing you can really do about, it except keep on scrolling. Not with Asikara.

I am dedicated to creating a platform where customers like you have the control you need when purchasing your clothes. I'll design the silhouette and the initial frame of the dress and you customise your look by choosing what fabric you'd like, add some details, choose your size and voila, custom piece made just for you at no extra cost.

Sounds awesome right? I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. This year Asikara are doing things differently revolutionising the way you see fashion, giving you the freedom to be the beautiful individual you are.

So how does this work?

Step One

Choose the product you'd like to work with, lets take the Trench Coat for example.

Step Two

Customise the details. Would you like pockets? Hints of black? All one print?

Step Three

Choose your fabric, we have an entire SS19 Fabric Library - Zuva is our fave for this stunning coat

Step Four

Choose from our standard sizes XS, S, M, L or send us your custom measurements

Step Five

Let us work our magic, give us some time to process and make up your order

Step Six

Tag us in your creation, spread the word, because everyone needs an Asikara experience.


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What are your thoughts on our new and improved Asikara shopping experience? We want to hear from you, drop us a comment below. What else can we do to make Asikara a leap above the average?