Expressing my creativity - Oyin Edogi #featured

Hey girl, introduce yourself!

My name is Oyin and I am a Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger and Digital Content Creator behind SweetLikeOyin.  Our readers don't know the struggle of how many emails blocked by the atmosphere we've had to go through to get to this point, it is a pleasure to finally have you on the Asikara blog! I know you're a budding blogger so tell us about this blog of yours...

My blogging journey officially started a year ago when I chose to challenge myself to conquer my fears. I had always been SweetLikeOyin since I started my Instagram but I had been itching for a way to express how I find balance between work, my creative outlet and personal development, hence the birth of my blog platform.

My blog is inspired by my story. I am dedicated to giving individuals a view of my everyday perspective whether that be my thoughts, travel, food, etc, but at the same time I share tips pertaining to self growth in your specific niche. I want others to be able to grow on social media and maintain their authentic self. 


"My blog is inspired by my story. I am dedicated to giving individuals a view of my everyday perspective..."


I am so glad to hear this, having a creative outlet is so important and more people need to be brave enough to step out of their comfort zones and get creative! What has been your biggest challenge since you've chosen to put your blog out there?

Expectations vs. Reality. That phrase pretty much sums it all up when it comes to my biggest blogging challenge.

When I first jumped into blogging, I had a strict timeline and goals for myself, but I was in for a shocking surprise when life hit. I'll spare all the details, but sometimes things don't go according to what we have planned for ourselves. I used to beat myself up for this because in a way I felt like I was continuously letting myself down.

Now what I've managed to learn from all of this is that timing is everything. If i'm not in the mental space to post on IG or publish to my blog, I don't have to. I'm not longer forcing content just because and things will organically fall into place when I'm ready. 

I needed to hear that! That has also been one of my biggest struggles and i'm so glad to know I'm not alone in this! I know we are already over halfway through the year but what are your 2019 goals?

My goals for 2019 is to go on another brand sponsored trip, host a networking workshop for beginner bloggers and continue to create captivating content. 

We will be watching and we're also hoping that all of these things become a reality for you #letssupporteachother. As you know Asikara is a clothing brand and we are all about empowering others to express their individuality so, how would you describe your individual style? My style is casual chic. I love to look comfortable and stylish at the same time! 


"I feel water really is the secret weapon. When I keep up with my daily water intake, I notice a huge difference in the health of my hair and skin."


We are here for this! Comfort with added style everyday. Who inspires this fashion sense of yours? The one person that inspires my fashion sense would have to be none other than Rihanna! She has this eye for seeing looks and putting them together in a way that makes me want to challenge myself. I draw a lot of inspiration from how daring she is when it comes to her statement looks.

Wasn't expecting that answer but I agree with you there she's bold. At Asikara something we value is modesty, so i'm curious, what are your thoughts? My thoughts on modesty is it doesn't matter what a woman wears, it's about her heart. You dress with your attitude every day and that is what people are going to gravitate towards. 

The heart of a woman actually says a lot about her and it shows in the way she dresses. Speaking of hearts, I love to travel...if you could go anywhere in the world where would you jet to? I would go to Luanda, Angola. because I love the Angolan culture and I have quite a bit of Angolan friends that would love to show me a good time. 

Africa is where my heart is, I can't lie, it's a beautiful place. My Zimbabwean adventures cannot be topped i'm sure of it. I love trying to find out as much about my featured bloggers as possible so Oyin, surprise us!

One thing that your readers would be surprised to hear about me is that I secretly want to be a polyglot. I have this insane love for languages and so far I've studied Spanish, Portugue