Super Easy Headwrap Tutorial

You asked, we listened. We aim to produce more regular headwrap tutorials and content for you active blog readers!

We are starting off with one of my go to headwrap styles, it has no name but it works with any wrap and any length of hair. You can watch the video below or read through the step by step tutorial.

P.s - if you scroll all the way to the bottom there is a genius headwrap hack!

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Laura Jane's Super Easy Headwrap Tutorial

Step 1

Take the wrap to the back of your head, (the label lets you know which way our wraps go,) and bring the two sides to the front - evenly.

Step 2

Cross the two sides over each other.

Step 3

Tie a simple knot in the front and secure tightly.

Step 4

Tie another knot on top for extra security. Make sure the headwrap is tight enough to stay put but also loose enough for your head to breathe.

Step 5

Take one of the sides and place it across your forehead. Tuck this under.

Step 6

Cross the other piece across your forehead in the opposite direction and tuck it in the other side. Voila, you're done!

Bonus Tip!

Not everyone has hair long enough to create this bun with volume. Opt for a fake bun like I did to add extra height or check out this amazing idea for those with twa's

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