Slaying At Your Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Our very own style guru Chrissy just had her Kitchen Party festivities and stayed harder than ever! Here are our top tips on how to slay at your traditional wedding functions!

Traditional African Bride & Groom

There are more than a dozen different ceremonies that happen within the African culture, all of which differ according to the country, tradition and also parents preference. The more well known ceremonies include:

  1. The Kitchen Party - where the mothers, aunties, elders and other important women figures in the brides life shower her with kitchen gifts, advice and teach her the ways of the wife.

  2. The Traditional Wedding - which is more like a white wedding but includes lots of culture, dance and food.

  3. Dowry Ceremony - where the exchange of money from the groom is a thank you to the bride's family for raising such a wonderful young woman and also signifies the two families becoming one.

Living in a world filled with such culture, with people living in different places we now have representations of these ceremonies here in the UK and other parts of the world.

To all brides and their squads, here are our top tips on how to slay and leave a lasting impression!

African Bride and bridesmaids , Kitchen party

1. Match with individuality

What is a bride without her bridesmaids? The handful of women who have made the biggest impact in her life, the ones chosen to walk by her side on this amazing marriage journey. Some brides often forget that each bridesmaid is different, not just personality wise but also in size & shape. Choose something that will everyone will feel comfortable and flattering in, remember cohesion can be just the same fabric print.

Bridesmaids in Asikara African Print

2. Go big or go home

Each celebration is a milestone, it's likely that family members, friends, your family friends and maybe even random people are going to be there, you want to look your best to make a good impression. Think big whilst sticking to the budget, be creative, work with what you have.

African Bride & Groom | Custom African Clothing | Asikara

3. You don't have to spend a whole lot

Custom clothing doesn't have to break the bank! Did you know that at Asikara we can create any of the items in our ready-to-wear collection in a print you have or a print we choose together. We have a range of prices and can work to a realistic budget. Just message us with your request.

African Bridal Party, Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid, Asikara

4. Accessorise

Never underestimate the power of accessories. Black dresses, matching headwraps and obi belts? A simple look that brings power and authority, don't knock it until you've tried it!

African Bride Dancing

Well we hope you enjoyed our top tips for slaying at a traditional African wedding ceremony, what other tips do you have for our brides to be? Comment below

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