Ray of Sunshine - Style by Chrissy

I'm told by the weatherman that it's -1 outside, tragic! As only God can change the weather, the closest thing we can do is switch up our wardrobes! Scroll down for my style tips.

Colour is your friend

Just because the sky is grey, the background is grey and you feel grey, doesn't mean you should just wear grey! Find out what colours work best with your skin tone. This pop of yellow brings warm tones into the dull winter setting. The colour speaks volumes.

(Please note that grey is a great colour, and i'm not saying you shouldn't wear it, i'm just saying spice it up a bit!)

Don't be afraid to accessorise

Shameless with the shades. Something we often forget is, if were trying to make a statement, fashion doesn't have to be functional. This trick is what makes some of the greatest editorials. Think shades, updo, headwrap, simple changes like these can elevate the look.

It's ok to be cosy and stylish

We sometimes feel like it has to be a choice, comfort and cosiness vs style and substance. Wrong! Why not have it all? A statement coat like this one means I can be warm and cosy whilst also looking chic and classy. 

First style post complete! What do you think? We’re going for the less text more stunning images approach! 😝 let us know your thoughts. 

Photo Credit - Carl Jeffers

Model & Stylist - Chrissy

Content Creator - Laura Jane

Who she's wearing

Dress - Thrifted

Coat - New Look

Shoes - Primark

Shades - New Look