Why You Need To Invest In Multiway Clothing | Asikara by Laura Jane

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

At Asikara we don't just create bespoke pieces, a lot of our collection items are multiway garments that you can wear time and time again in different ways.

What is Multiway Clothing?

Garments that can be worn in more than one way are called multiway clothing. Often with multiway garments there are so many different wearing options the creative direction is up to you.

Why You Should Invest In Multiway Clothing

  • You get multiple garments for the price of one

  • It's more sustainable for the environment

  • It gives you the option to be more creative with styling

  • You can wear the same garment whilst having a completely different look

  • It makes more sense in the long run.

  • Your wardrobe becomes less cluttered.

What Multiway Clothing Options Are There?

The Infinity Dress

The most popular multiway item is the infinity dress. It has a gathered or flared skirt attached to two pieces of fabric that can be wrapped in lots of different ways. You can purchase infinity dresses in cotton, linen, chiffon and jersey amongst other fabrics. They are a great choice for weddings, occasion wear and bridesmaids.

The Wrap Top

Wrap tops can be a versatile option for your eco friendly wardrobe. Our wrap top in particular features a detachable belt that allows this garment to transform into a waistcoat or Gillet style jacket.

The Wrap Dress

Just like the wrap top this dress can transform into a complete jacket giving you endless outfit options and versatility.

The Kimono

Kimono's come in all shapes and sizes, colours and fabrics. We currently have two available in our store. Chiffon Kimono's are great for the middle summer as they have an amazing fluidity and luxury quality to them. Cotton Kimono's can work for the summer days as well as the autumn ones. They double up as jackets and can be transformed into a cute top with a simple belt.