Black Love - Martin & Lizzie

This year has been the year of the Asikara Weddings! It has been my privilege to dress, style and accessorise brides, grooms & their parties. I love a good wedding as I'm sure you do too, so i've interviewed the stunning Martin and his bride the breathtaking Lizzie to find out more about their African wedding featuring Asikara!

Meet Martin & Lizzie

Martin - Hi, my name’s Martin, I work as a Graphic Designer and filmmaker, I have a huge passion for film, design and music. I was born in Bromley, lived in Kent and went to school in London until the age of 8 when we moved to Wiltshire. The remainder of my childhood was spent in Bath (where I went to school) and Bristol (where we went to church and met many of my amazing friends!).

My heritage on both sides, journeys back to Jamaica, where my mum was born, my Dad was born here. My dad's brother did some research into the family history and found that our roots pre-slavery go back to Ghana. Ever since then, my curiosity to know more about heritage both in Jamaica and Ghana has grown and both were represented in our wedding in some way alongside Nigeria too.

Lizzie - Hey, my name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lizzie (or Lola, as my family refer me as). I am originally from Nigeria. I grew up in Belvedere, Kent but spent the first thirteen years of my life in Peckham. I currently work for an amazing charity as a Senior Membership & Volunteering Officer. I love creative writing, reading and hanging out with my friends.

What a beautiful couple, i'm already intrigued! Tell us your love story, how did it all begin?

Martin - It’s funny, I was living in London at the time and was at the point where I was looking to settle down. One evening, I was catching up with Tad, one of my best friends from school (and one of the best men at the wedding). He told me about this dating site that was meant to be ‘mathematically one of the most accurate’ out there and that we should sign up to it.

The following morning, Tad came bounding into my room with a laptop and said ‘Right! We’re both setting up an account!’. When it came to writing my profile, I decided to just keep it all the way honest, no sales pitch, just me - and it was well received then…great! I didn’t need to live up to anything other than just being myself if I was to meet anyone.

2 weeks go by and I decided, let me take a break from this and pray on it. One evening, a couple days later, I felt like the Holy Spirit was saying to give it another try.

Within minutes of signing in, I received a notification to say that this particular person had viewed my profile and from what I could see from the thumbnail picture, I was impressed! She was stunning! Needless to say, when clicking on her profile, it just got better as I read though. Before I had even finished reading, she had messaged me! See how God’s got jokes? Lizzie introduced herself and asked me about my love of cooking and what I liked to cook and from there it just flowed!

Within a few days we spoke on the phone for the first time and it felt like going on the first date! Nerves and all! It’s like meeting somebody backwards, starting out with a profile and messages (and from that you build an idea in mind about what you think the other person sounds like, their mannerisms etc.) Those nerves soon disappeared and three hours later, we were still on the phone! That was the first sign that there was something there! Conversation flowed with mutual interest, it was like a cognitive jam session between two kindred spirits.

Our first date was a surreal experience too, because we had a connection already but hadn’t met yet so when we did meet and hug each other for the first time, it felt familiar even though it was our first time meeting. After a month or so of dating, I was certain Lizzie was the one. It was so easy to be my authentic self with her without feeling judged, we just clicked, our purposes are in sync and she’s beautiful!

Lizzie - I met Martin online on a bank holiday Monday in May 2015. A day after I attended my church’s three-day women’s conference and literally poured out my heart to God to send me a husband. At this point, I had been online dating for a year without any success. The funny thing is, when I logged onto this particular online dating site that bank holiday Monday, I thought I would have a final browse around and deactivate my account. And that’s when I stumbled across Martin’s thumbnail. To be honest, he looked like he was eighteen in his profile picture, so I was very close to not even viewing his profile. But praise the Lord I did, because I was very impressed by Martin’s bio and his other super cute photos - where he looked at least my age, thankfully.

I made the first move, by messaging Martin. I think I said something along the lines of, ‘I noticed on your bio, you said you like to cook. What is your speciality?’ And the rest, as they say, is history. Come to think of it, that message was life-changing! I knew Martin was the one very early on. He possessed all the qualities I looked and prayed for in a husband, and more. He’s kind, thoughtful, considerate, funny. And not to mention, he is incredibly husband. At first, I did not want to admit that Martin was the one, as I feared I’d jinx things and he would go cold like most of the guys from my past. But when we started dating, I felt like God wanted me to be all in. And part of that meant accepting that he was the one, and fully embracing him.

It's actually so lovely hearing both sides of the story for once. From what I can see you seem like you are made to be together. What is your favourite thing about each other?