Learning to put God first in business

Bringing you some more positivity, this time from one of our more recent featured bloggers, Janelle from Fearfully Fashioned.

As entrepreneurs, we are inundated with so much information telling us how to run and grow bigger, better businesses. Every day there is more content being released, blog posts being published, and products being launched that vie for our attention. So much so that we stop sticking to our business plans and we can’t hear God’s voice because it’s being drowned by the notion of bigger profits, more email subscribers, and whatever latest digital marketing trend. Before we know it, we try implementing all the things without really taking the time to ask God and discern if it’s best, which leads us to feel overwhelmed, behind, and on this perpetual hamster wheel where we’re just trying to keep.

Instead of going to Him to ask what’s best, we go to the marketers to tell us the new “thing” that’s going to grow our business. And at that moment, God is no longer first. The marketers are first. Forbes is first. Pinterest is first, and God who once served as CEO has been relegated to an entry-level worker who has no say in the direction of our business. And before we know it, we’re either suffering from analysis paralysis, or we’re feeling unfulfilled because we went and made our own plans, instead of putting and seeking Him first. You know who else can relate to this experience? The Israelites.

In Isaiah 29 and 30, the Lord rebuked the Israelites because they made plans without the Lord. They failed to put Him first and experienced so much sorrow because of it.

“What sorrow awaits those who try to hide their plans from the Lord, who do their evil deeds in the dark! ‘The Lord can’t see us,’ they say. ‘He doesn’t know what’s going on!’ How foolish can you be? He is the Potter, and he is certainly greater than you the clay! Should the created thing say of the one who made it, ‘He didn’t make me’? Does a jar ever say, ‘The potter who made me is stupid’?” (Isaiah 29:15-16)
“'What sorrow awaits my rebellious children,’ says the Lord. ‘You make plans that are contrary to mine. You make alliances not directed my Spirit, thus piling up your sins. For without consulting me, you have gone down to Egypt for help’...” (Isaiah 30:1-2).

We don’t want to be women who make plans without consulting our Creator. We don’t want to make business plans without consulting our Ultimate CEO. As Christian women business owners, we want to make sure that we are making an impact for God’s kingdom and in order for us to make the most impact, we have to put Him first. Here are 5 ways you can put God first as you build your business.

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