3 Ways to Rock a Headwrap This Winter

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

We're in November! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I'm still in shock but I'm finding ways to adjust to the next 6 months of cold that are almost guaranteed here in England!

Headwraps always fly off the shelves in the summer months, people are ready to accessorise and spice up there wardrobe and come winter we all opt for a boring beanie but we are missing a trick here.

Why Headwraps are great for Winter

Did you know that Cotton keeps people warm? Not only that but 90% of our Headwraps are made of cotton. Cotton has been used in clothing and accessories for many years because of its soft, cool, breathable, absorbent fibres. The fabric is not only able to hold many different dyes but it is also strong and can resist wear and tear.

As well as being able to reflect heat in the hotter months, cotton can also retain heat in the colder months which is GREAT for those of us who still want to slay in winter and look awful in hats! Here are our top tips on styling Headwraps this Winter:

3 Ways you can Style a Headwrap This Winter

1. Bold Block Colours

Our first winter tip is opt for bold block colours in your outfit choice. Prints tend to be harder to source in Autumn/Winter which leaves room for an amazing Headwrap!

We did a shoot a couple of years back with our style guru Chrissy, her bright marigold coat paired with the understated Headwraps print brought her outfit to life.

Marigold is everywhere right now and if you're looking for a similar vibe take a look at our Rukudzo & Dziva Headwraps.

Here at Asikara we are all about print and colour. The Headwraps we make are filled with life and excitement so that the hard work is already done for you.

2. Don't be afraid to clash

Most people think that print on print is a no-no when it comes to fashion styling but if you do it well, it can make for a killer outfit.

Paola Mathe does it best, three prints in one outfit? She slays hard!

I'll be honest with you this look is not for everyone, it takes some trial and error to get right too. One thing i've learnt in fashion, even if you look crazy, own your outfit choices and no-one will dare question you. Confidence changes the game and if you feel confident and comfortable in what you choose to wear, who is anyone to say otherwise?

3. Sweats are your friend

It's not everyday dress up! For me Winter is all about comfort and the easiest way to achieve that is sweats. I would swap my jeans for a pair of palazzo pants or joggers any day.

The same principle goes with Headwraps. You don't have to be all dressed up with a face full of makeup for it to fit your vibe. Sometimes you hair isn't done, you just want to be warm and you're way too tired to even attempt makeup.

As well as being the best quick fix, Headwraps elevate your outfit, take your boring tracksuit and transform it into a cosy cute look. Exhibit A - @IslandChic777


Here are our 3 tips on styling Headwraps for Winter, we'd love to see how you style yours. Drop us a comment below and send us an email with your cute Winter looks!

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