3 Reasons You Need A Headwrap This Summer

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

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Summer? Yes! SUMMER! Have you clocked onto this beautiful weather we've been experiencing lately? For once, it feels like the UK is an ideal holiday destination, we've even topped the weather in Paris some days. Now as much as we pray for sun, us British folk don't know what to do when it actually arrives. Here are some top tips on why you seriously need to invest in a headwrap asap!

Pink heawrap
Bethany Baker | Tsara Headwrap

Natural Hair + Humidity = Frizzy Mess

Have you ever styled your hair perfectly, left the house on a humid day and arrived at your destination only to find that your pristine hairdo hadn't even lasted the journey? Reason one is simply because Headwraps not only hide hair fails but also keep your hair protected so you can leave those chunky twists in and have one less thing to do in the morning!

Purple Headwrap Asikara
Asikara by Laura Jane | Pakati Headwrap

Stay Cool

And I don't just mean streetwise! Did you know that having a light covering over your head can actually help to keep it cool? So if the sun gets a bit too much for you having a soft lightweight headwrap in this UK heatwave can certainly work wonders!

Blue & Green Headband Headwrap
Asikara by Laura Jane | Pasirose Mini Wrap

It's just too easy

There's no simpler way to elevate an outfit than to accessorise well. Headwraps are not just an accessory they are statement pieces. Choose right and you can elevate your simple outfit from 1 to 100 real quick. Considering colour and print clashing is definitely in this season, ditch the necklace, opt for a Headwrap.

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