The Essential DIY Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

There are three types of people when it comes to Christmas.

  • The ones who buy all their gifts in January

  • The ones who shop in November

  • The last minute headless types

I'm definitely the third!

With just a couple of days to go before the gift exchange begins, here are some simple yet beautiful DIY gifts your family & friends will LOVE!

DIY Faux Leather Wallet

I think that men are always the hardest to buy for. You can't go wrong with a new wallet. I made this for my brothers birthday last year and it's still going strong!

Click here for the pattern and blog instructions

DIY Pencil Case/Makeup Bag

One of my favourite DIY's to date. This little pouch can be made for just about anyone and hold just about anything. Whether your trying to think of something for a makeup fanatic or a budding artist, this DIY is the perfect way to help them stay organised.

To make this case a little more sturdy try using an interfacing or a nice strong fabric for the outside, see what you can find at your local fabric store, the possibilities are endless!

DIY Hair & Body Butter

Cosmetic products can be so expensive, not to mention filled with harsh chemicals and unhealthy oils. Here's our inexpensive, customisable, hair and body butter which is easy to make and works a treat!

Top tips on making this your own

  • Add some essential oils to create a beautiful aroma

  • Food colouring can take this to the next level (as can rose petals)

  • You can swap shea butter for mango or cocoa butter for a different base

  • The oils can be swapped too there's, avocado, jojoba and almond just to mention a few

  • Lastly why not buy some pound shop containers and print some stickers with a message on to make this gift extra special.

If Hair and Body Butter isn't what you're looking for why not try a Clay Shampoo or Lip Balm instead?

DIY T-shirt Snood

I don't know what winter is like in your country but in England it packs an icy punch! So this scarf is a great way to say 'I love you, keep warm!'

You don't need to just make this from a t-shirt, you can source some thick wool or buy the shirt yarn instead. Experiment, it makes DIY-ing much more exciting.

Well I hope these little videos have been helpful, I'm hoping to get more out next year, so comment below what DIY's you'd like to see and i'll make a note of it. For more DIY videos make sure you head over to our YouTube channel and see the DIY playlist.

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