How Embracing My Natural Hair Made Me Who I Am Today

Hey Queen! Tell us a little bit about yourself...


My name is Ariana Buelto and I am currently a full time Veterinary Technician living in California. Before I turned 18 years old, I was able to get my cosmetology license and that is what triggered my love for natural hair.

Going to a predominanely white high school (where I received my cosmetology license) we didn’t learn much about the care of natural hair or the hair care for people of color. It took me a very long time to embrace my natural beauty and my natural hair, but when I finally decided to, I chose to help others along their journey and that is why I currently have an instagram page based on natural hair care, beauty, and lifestyle.

Embracing My Natural Hair: A Journey Towards Self-Love, Ariana Buelto

Welcome to the Asikara blog. First thing we want to know is: What challenges have you faced with your natural hair? How do you overcome the natural hair struggles?

I would say my biggest challenge with my natural hair has been maintaining a routine. A lot of people believe products, and once in awhile love and care will have your hair grow to its fullest potential, when in reality it is the every day care, routines, treatments, etc that allow your hair to flourish.

I feel like I definitely have the care down, but now I want to spread this wealth to others. My goal with my hair content is to make others feel like although their hair may not look exactly like mine, the tips, tricks, routines, etc that I learned myself and teach can go a long way for anybody on their natural hair journey.

Your passion for helping others truly shines, keep glowing sis! Speaking of glowing, your headwrap game is next level. When did you start wearing headwraps?

I started wearing head wraps for the significance behind them, but also because of those bad hair days when your curls just wont cooperate! My go to headwrap style is in a bun to the front of my head, top of my head, or very low in the back of my neck. I complete almost every wrap style by doing my edges as well.

Embracing My Natural Hair: A Journey Towards Self-Love, Ariana Buelto

We love the fact you're using your knowledge to bless others and we can't wait to see where life takes you! What would you say are your greatest achievements so far?

My greatest achievement/moments in the hair community so far has been having women of all races, hair textures, and all over the world come to me for advice and also being able to communicate and bounce ideas off of each other. I absolutely love the idea of women lifting each other up to make it to where we all belong, which is ON TOP.

Love your energy and well done for all you've done so far! Do you have any new goals you'd like to achieve in the next year?

In the next 12 months, I would love to have my license in veterinary technology, get back in tune with my cosmetology experience, branch out and try atleast 2 new hobbies that I’ve been interested in long term such as yoga classes or boxing, and also grow my social media networks.

Embracing My Natural Hair: A Journey Towards Self-Love, Ariana Buelto

Now you've said it out loud, we are your accountability partners. Let's get it! Other than the social media world, what do you love doing?

I love, love, love brunch dates, hiking, picnics, anything that brings me back to reality and allows me to experience nature alone or with loved ones. I love to get out and just be one with life.

We all need more of this in our lives, that's something the pandemic has taught us. What would you say motivates you and inspires you?

One thing that motivates me daily is my future self. I have this vision of myself that I look up to that continuously that motivates me to do better on the daily and step out of my comfort zone. The woman I am now is not everything I want to be, she is taking steps to get there and for that I love her, but the woman I want to be knows there is so much more to that life has to offer. I will not stop until I am completely satisfied with being that woman.

You certainly have the right attitude, the skies the limit. How did you even get to this point of loving life and living it to the full? What sparked this new outlook and your self love journey?

I once hated the look of my curls and everything about them. Unfortunately I did not start my natural hair journey until I was in college and my first partnership was with Pantene. From there I began to embrace my natural-ness and never turned back. I would have never known that something as “simple” as loving myself and everything I came with would lead me to making bold, life changing decisions such as moving across the country and starting a new life.

Embracing My Natural Hair: A Journey Towards Self-Love, Ariana Buelto

We are so glad to see you now loving the beautiful skin you're in! What top tip can your share with us?

Simply be confident. To some this does not come easy and although it can be very hard at times to see your confidence through and through, it is important to come off as though you are on top, always. Confidence brings you to places you would have never imagined and you deserve to be there.

This interview came to an end way too soon but how can we stay in touch with you?

You can reach me on instagram @arianabuelto or