DIY Faux Leather Wallet

It's been a while since i've done a DIY and to tell you the truth, don't know about you but i've missed them! My brother's birthday took me by surprise, so I decided to make him this wallet. I hope you're inspired! 

You will need 

- Faux Leather* (I used scraps so you only need about 1/4m)

- Velcro

- Bias Binding or Tape

- Scissors

- Super glue or Hot glue gun 

- Thread

- Sewing Machine 

- Zipper (12cm)  

- Ruler 

Cut pattern pieces from faux leather 

- 28x15cm

- 28x13cm

- 12x8cm (three times)

- 12x6cm

- 12x5cm (two times) 

- 12x3cm

- 7x7cm


1. Cut out all the pattern pieces from the faux leather or fabric you’ve decided on. 

2. Take the 12x5cm and 12x3cm rectangles and using the zipper sew them together.

3. Glue your zippered pouch onto a 12x8cm rectangle on all 4 sides. Trim and topstitch.**

4. Gather a 12x8cm, 12x6cm and 12x5cm rectangle. These are going to be the card slots. Layer them on top of each other largest to smallest, leaving enough room for a card to slot in between each one. Glue in place and topstitch the two shortest sides and bottom. 

5. Take the last 12x8cm rectangle, your 7x7cm square and strip of Velcro. I decided on creating a little pouch for the third attraction. Lay the square on top of the rectangle aligning left bottom corners. Lay the Velcro on the right hand side and trim leaving a 0.5cm edge of fabric around it. Glue and topstitch in place.

6. You’ve now created all three sections of your wallet ready to glue onto the middle layer. 

7. Grab the 28x13cm rectangle and lay your 3 sections of the wallet on top, distributing the spacing in between evenly. I left approx 0.5cm around the stations that touched the edge of the wallet just so the binding would look cleaner. There is approx 1cm between each section of the wallet. 

8. When you are happy with how they look glue each section down on three sides. Starting with the left panel glue the top, left & bottom and for the remaining two panels glue top, right and bottom. 

9. Take your bias binding or tape and finish the top edge of this piece encasing the stitching.

10. You’re almost finished! Using the 28x15 rectangle, fold the wallet as if it were finished and position your Velcro. Glue to hold in place and topstitch to reinforce. 

11. Time to glue the wallet together. Take both your remaining pieces and glue together aligning three sides, the left, bottom & right. 

12. Finish the edges of your wallet with bias binding or tape and topstitch. Voila you’re all done! 

*This wallet would look good in many different types of fabric. I chose faux leather because it looks sleek & classy as well as it holds structure & shape without added interfacing or lining. 

**All the topstitching steps are optional but recommended as the stitching helps to reinforce your wallet especially if it’s going to be put to good use! 

First DIY of 2018, one of many I hope. What do you think?

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