DIY Cable Cover | How To Revamp A Dying Charger

For those who know me, they know i'm not one to let go of something if it's not broken...exhibit A!

Here's my easy DIY tutorial on how to wrap a cord or cable that is on it's last legs!

You will need

The All Important Steps

Step 1 - If your wire looks anywhere as battered and bruised as mine strip it! Peel off all the hinderances, strip it down to the bare wire.

Step 2 - In the interest of health and safety, wrap the wire with electrical tape, keeps it from combusting in the future...

Step 3 - Take your fabric scraps and cut them into 4" strips. I chose the stunning African Print Fabric - Mona, from our SS19 Fabric library, LOVE IT! The strips don't have to be too long, you just need enough to completely cover the full length of wire.

Step 4 - This is definitely optional but for the best finish I decided to sew the strips together in half to create tubes and using my loop turner I turned them inside out encasing all the raw edges. I ironed them flat.

Step 5 - Heat up that glue gun and repeat the wrapping only this time with the fabric strips. Heads up - It gets messy!

Voila! Happy Charging

The Honest Review

This DIY was actually harder to execute than I originally planned. Wrapping was a slight myth as the electric tape is thick and difficult to manipulate. The end result is definitely bulkier than I expected but I love my new cable nonetheless, no loner embarrassed to charge my phone on the train...

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