Business as usual - Hope in the crisis

Recently I've been bombarded by emails about this Covid19 virus, some explaining closures, others explaining the precautions certain businesses are taking in order to keep themselves and customers safe at this uncertain time.

What about Asikara?

  • We want you to know that we are continuing business as usual, we have a small team of people who are safe and well and still able to hand make your items and process orders

  • Royal Mail are our main delivery guys and they have been doing an excellent job of continuing to deliver our parcels with similar delivery times.

  • With so many countries on lockdown, international parcels may take longer to arrive, they may be quarantined for a time or held in the UK until further notice, but we will continue to send out your parcels as usual, we assure you they will be worth the wait.

We encourage you all to remember that God is in control and by following all the health and safety precautions outlined by the NHS and the government we can beat this.

Things to do while you're waiting for your Asikara parcels:

While you may be stuck in quarantine, working from home, stuck indoors or navigating your way through homeschooling your children, we have some great tips on keeping yourself occupied.

1. Learn a new skill

I'm sure you have heard the popular phrase, "there's not enough hours in the day". Well, now there is! Why not try learning a language, taking up a sport or switching it up a little bit by cooking a new recipe? (With the foods you can find on the shelves now this is actually an amazing challenge! Why not eat plant based meals and boost your immune system while you're at it?)

2. Catch up with an old friend

You can't catch or spread anything on Facetime or Whatsapp video call so if you can't visit people physically, take advantage of technology and give someone a call. A simple 'i'm thinking of you' goes a long way!

3. Be the sermon, be the church

As you already know, I'm a Christian who loves God and loves people. When I heard church was closing until further notice my heart really sank, theres something special about spending Sabbath with likeminded people.

Although a shock, this entire thing has reminded me that church was never a building, we just made it seem that way. There are people in my neighbourhood who really need a friend right now, maybe some groceries or something else. Why not find out what needs your community has and meet them!

I met a lovely 96 year old lady posting some Asikara parcels just this morning, she is new to the area and she really needs a friend right now. I'm so glad I had the chance to meet her and I can't wait to visit her once this quarantine period is over. I'm planning on posting a mother's day card through her door with a note and my number. A little love goes a long way!

If you are looking for some hope in this crisis please head over to our sister site Stay Lit Apparel and read our latest blog post for some inspiration.

These are just three of many amazing things you can do over the next couple of weeks. Please comment your ideas below, sharing is definitely caring!

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