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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Hey there, introduce yourself!

Laura Jane, Thank you for this feature and Happy New Year! That’s still valid, right? Hahaha My name is Crystal Marie-Michelle and I’m the creative mind behind, a lifestyle and motivational blog. 

"I’m in love with the boldness of African prints and the vibrant colours. At every opportunity, I’m always getting something made. If you're in Ankara, you're bound to make a statement."

You are very welcome, we are excited to have you on the Asikara blog! Tell us more about your Femme et Noir, why blogging?

My blog was born out of my need to express myself. I am someone who constantly has thoughts running through her mind, writing liberates me and creates space for more to flow. What began as an outlet for me birthed a bigger purpose and now the goal is simply to inspire.

I love the way your blog started off as something to help you and now is something you use to help others. That really is inspiring. All over your social media I see TRAVEL! What is it you love about travelling? What's your favourite adventure so far?

Travel is food for my soul. I honestly couldn’t pick one adventure but what I would say is through travel I have experienced life beyond me, I have felt the love of strangers, I have tried so many new things and I’ve learned that kindness is a universal language.

That's a beautiful way to put it! I definitely want to travel more in 2020. Where are you heading next?

Absolutely! Please keep up with me on Instagram and follow me on yet another adventure in a few months God willing (Insh’Allah)!

Leaving us on a cliff hanger there, i'm sure we will keep our eyes peeled. If travel destinations are a secret, can you tell us more about your 2020 goals instead?

My middle name is goals, true talk! I always have a list. They all boil down to taking more steps towards my purpose/calling and remembering to sit back and enjoy the moment. Everybody just seems to be in such a rush these days ( People are running nowhere, fast) that we forget to savour moments. I’m a fan of capturing the moment but let’s remember to be in it too. 

"There’s never a perfect time to do anything just today. Use it while you still can."

Life's too short, we really need to enjoy an appreciate every moment we have. We like to call it living our blessed lives! What has been your biggest achievement to date?

I’ll say my walk with Christ and finding my identity in him. I’m still a work in progress but I am happy I’ve stayed the course. 

Amen to that. God is truly the reason why this brand even exists and it's Him that inspires our designs. He is also the focus of our sister brand Stay Lit Apparel, you should check it out. With every great achievement comes a challenge so what has been your biggest challenge so far?

Creating content every month hahahahaha. It’s not that I’m lazy, (okay maybe like 10% of the time,) but I blog when I get hit by inspiration and I feel all the emotions. When that happens, I need to have a notepad or a laptop to scribble everything I feel down. I later go back and organize the thoughts into paragraphs so the message flows. That said there’ll be months when the blog is popping and other months where welp, I didn’t have the notepad lol. 

That is the biggest truth. When you are the only one running the show, it can be super hard to keep motivated, keep going girl! One thing that caught our attention was your headwrap game. #slayqueen Where did your love for African prints come from?

I grew up on Ankara but my appreciation came when I got a bit older. I’m in love with the boldness of the prints and its vibrant colours and at every opportunity, I’m always getting something made. If you're in ankara, you're bound to make a statement and I'm all about statements..

Say it again louder for the people in the back who didn't quite hear it! You're speaking our language. Hopefully you'll be rocking an Asikara number next! One thing we like to do here is find out one thing about our featured bloggers that will surprise our readers...amaze us!

I’m super obsessed with planning and organizing. I always have zero read emails, emptied out email trash, I fold socks etc, that bad! I intend on using this skill to start my own event planning business soon. Y ’all lookout for a sister and keep her booked. 

I can't lie, I could even tell from your organised answers and the attention to detail in this feature that you were already a boss at planning things. This events business sounds like a perfect venture for you, all the best with it and please keep us posted!

Before you go, what top tip can you share with us? Here’s a tip on life, there’s never a perfect time to do anything just today. Use it while you still can. 

Short and sweet, thats going on my insta story real soon! It's been our pleasure getting to know you better and this is just the beginning. How can we keep in touch? Find me on Instagram @femmeetnoir,  for your travel itineraries hit us up @noireescapes and of course, read my heartfelt words on

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