Bouncing Back in 2020: Making changes to bringing our A-Game

As you may already know, we've been making some changes here at Asikara HQ. We haven't fully explained what those changes are but we are definitely ready to, hence the blog post.

The Problem

We recognised that the changes in mainstream fashion create an impossibility for a designer who hand makes clothes. In all honesty its hard to keep up with the demands of new seasons, quarterly ten piece collections and fresh products every month.⁠

"We have restructured our brand in order to be more efficient and to help serve you, our customers better! ⁠"

What you guys said

Firstly i'd like to apologise, all sample sizes are usually made in Small or Medium which doesn't always cater to the needs of you, my customers.

Some of us have curves, some of us have big bones, some of us have abs and some of us have tummies. Some of us actually have none of the above and some of us have faked all of the above. Whatever you have, (or don't have,) you are beautiful and you are enough.⁠

The Good News

As a small business we have the power to restructure and change faster than larger organisations. This means that we can listen to what you are saying and do something about it, so we have done just that!

The Solution

Alongside our best selling accessories, (Headwraps & Bow Ties,) we still want to create beautiful African print clothing. We have decided, instead of creating our own pieces, designs and collections, we will ONLY create custom, bespoke clothing.

What does this mean?

What we do and create lies with you! You can request a specific design you've seen on the web, instagram or even from our website and we will tailor make and design it to fit you.

We have to be honest, custom doesn't come cheap, but it does come with quality and assurance. There's nothing better than wearing exactly what you asked for, tailor made to fit your exact body type and shape!

If you have an upcoming party, event, wedding or any other occasion, we can hook you up with the perfect garment.

How does it work?

The clothing section on our website has a number of bespoke pieces, if you see something you like, you can purchase it directly from there and we will be in touch with fabrics, colours and details to personalise it.

Alternatively you can send us an email with your ideas and inspiration and we will quote you a price and send you an invoice.

We have a bespoke measurements page where you can input your size into our database so we can custom make your garment. Measuring correctly is a crucial part of the process so if you are unsure get a friend to help. We are also working on a video which will help you to know exactly how to get measured accurately.

What now?

Share the news, share this blog post, tell the world and get shopping! In order for us to grow we need to have more customers and find more people who want custom African print clothing. If you have an upcoming party, event, wedding or any other occasion, we can hook you up with the perfect garment.

Get in contact with us today to put in your request

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