5 Ways To Incorporate African Print Into Your Wedding Day

He’s popped the question, you’ve exhausted Pinterest and your still trying to find ways to make your special day one to remember, for you and your guests! So what do you do? Add African print of course! Here are 5 easy, yet effective ways to weave Ankara into your wedding in a sophisticated and memorable way. 


Tiaras are so over rated, why not make a statement with an African headless, Headwrap or Mini Wrap that will leave your guests speechless. This idea is not only for the ladies, African Bow Ties are a simple, quick addition that can make all the difference, especially in photographs. 

(One of our favourite bloggers Paola Mathe looked stunning on her wedding day with her head wrapped - boho chic look)


Before you ask I didn’t mean African print flowers, although they are definitely worth researching. This idea is one for a creative/DIY loving bride. Instead of having ribbon around your bouquet why not tie a strip of Ankara. Fabric off cuts are easily available to purchase online, etsy is a good place to start. I’m also sure I could do you a great deal!


Everyone loves a good freebie. Instead of a standard box of chocolates or jar of sweeties   A specially designed keyring or African print shopping bag tote is a sure way to remind your guests how much they mean to you and leave a lasting impression. 


Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world - Marilyn Monroe 

As Marilyn rightly stated, shoes are a game changer. Every bride searches for the perfect pair of shoes, in the perfect shade, with the perfect heel height. They may not always be so visible, but who cares if they make you feel special! Why not be bold and opt for something unique, like Ankara printed stilettos, after all you’re only planning to get married once. 


Last but not least we have decor! One thing that brings cohesion to a wedding is the colour scheme. The most popular colour schemes this year being Black, white & gold, Shades of blue and Vintage Red. Break the mould and WOW your guests with a hint of kente or subtle Ankara details. 

Got any more suggestions? How would you incorporate African print into your wedding? We’d love to hear from you, post your comment below!