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Updated: May 18, 2018

Nothing gets me hyped like a wedding! There's something about two people falling in love that makes my heart melt. I was privileged enough to design and make my first traditional wedding gown, thank you Fadzie for putting this amazing task in my hands. Here are some tips on perfecting custom gowns. 

It's All In The Details

Fadzie spend a whole weekend with me designing her dress, she had some idea of what she was looking for and together we came up with something we we're both happy with. There were three aspects she was hoping to incorporate in her gown: modesty, a fitted silhouette and some drama. 

With custom garments there's no way to try before you buy which can be quite daunting but if you look at your current wardrobe, identify the shapes and styles that suit you and take time communicating with the designer, you'll be able to create something beyond your wildest dreams.

Fabric Changes Everything

Fadzie chose this amazing Ankara African Wax fabric. The beauty of Wax Prints is the crazy colour and design. At Laura Jane to add quirky flare to our garments we don't use a pattern matching technique which makes every piece we design unique and unpredictable.

Choosing African Wax Prints can be a challenge because

  1. Not every print looks great as clothing,

  2. Some fabrics are stiffer than others and don't work for every project

  3. No print is understated and it can be overwhelming

Take your time and pick colours you like, ask your designer to help you visualise it with a sketch to make sure you're sure because the right fabric choice will make or break a garment.

Don't be afraid to accessorise

Fadzie took the remaining fabric and got a Gele made for her big day as well as used the extras to add life to Takudzwa's shirt. 

Go big or go home! The Gele completed the look and we also love the choice of metallic pink heels.

When you look good, you'll feel good and this bride's face says it all! Happiness.

Simply beautiful 

Congratulations Fadzie & Takudzwa

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