Looking for something bespoke, unique and tailor made to fit you? 

Why not submit your measurements below using our chart for guidance.

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Please note: before submitting your measurements, please send us an email with your custom order request, and read and accept the custom order terms and conditions.

How to guide

To submit your measurements

  • Using a tape measure follow the diagram and ask someone to measure each section for you

  • Horizontal measurements refer to measurements that go across or around the body.

  • Vertical Measurements refer to measurements that go up and down the body

  • Each measurement has a number and a name that corresponds to a number and title below. Fill each measurement in the correct box.

  • All measurements must be taken in centimetres. 


Measurements (cm)

Measure your bust at the fullest point, make sure the tape doesn't slip at the back 

Take your waist measurement, make sure it is comfortable.

Measure round your body 6cm below the natural waistline

Make sure you measure the widest part of your hips (usually 21cm from your natural waist)

Measure the back width 15cm down from your neck bone. (armpit to armpit)

Measure the chest 7cm down from your neck point. (armpit to armpit)

Measure from the neck to the shoulder bone.

Measure round your neck, don't forget to touch that collar bone.

Bend your arm, and measure those biceps 

Measure around your wrist, leaving space to move.

Measure your ankle, just above the ankle bone

Lastly measure around your leg, just above the ankle


Measurements (cm)

Starting at the centre of your back, measure down from neck to waist.

Measure from the centre of your shoulder, over the bust and down to your waist

This is up to you, how long would you like the skirt to be?

Measure waist to floor at the centre back

Sit on a hard chair and measure from your waist down to the chair seat

Place your diva hand on hip, make sure your arm is bent and measure from the shoulder bone down to the wristbone.

For Your Information

  • Take your time and to get more accurate measurements ask someone else to measure you.

  • Yes, there are some numbers missing on purpose. 

  • Don't be alarmed I don't need every measurement for every item, you'll be notified of the measurements you need to take

  • All the measurements must be in centimetres

  • I'm only as good as the measurements you provide! 

By Submitting these measurements, I confirm that they are accurate and am happy for Asikara by Laura Jane to capture and use them to create my custom garment. I have read through and accept the custom order terms and conditions.